Are you ready for She-Hulk? First look and what to expect

Nov 23, 2021 | News, Uncategorized



Marvel just announced a couple of new shows and provided updates about those that were already officially announced.

One of those shows is She-Hulk, which was announced at D23 Expo in August 2019, just like Moon Knight.

The production of the show has already wrapped, which means that the show is closing in and we can’t wait for the official trailers.

But, until then, Disney provided us with the new logo, which maybe isn’t such a big deal, but also the first look at Tatiana Maslany’s titular character.

What to expect?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe series stars Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black fame as the title character, aka Jennifer Walters, marking the last major Marvel character created by the legendary Stan Lee.

Walters becomes She-Hulk after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, who happens to be our very own Doctor Bruce Banner.

In the comics, she goes on to become a part-time superhero and part-time lawyer who specializes in superhuman-related cases. 

Unlike her Hulk-ing cousin in his early days, Walter can retain her intelligence and personality when she’s fully hulked out, and even tries cases.

Seeing as the Hulk was also shown in the preview, appearing as the “Smart Hulk” first seen in Avengers: Endgame, it’s likely the show will explore the differences between Banner and Walters as their green counterparts.

Although the first look is only showing us the titular character from behind, this teaser is more than enough because it’s showing that we can expect an absolutely comic-accurate look, which is always amazing to see.

Both Scarlet Witch and Sam Wilson’s Captain America got new, highly comic-accurate suits in their respective shows earlier this year, and it seems that Marvel is maintaining the tradition, which we aren’t complaining about at all.

Are you excited to see Jennifer Walters in the MCU?

By Esther Akinbola

Twitter: @ennyswit_lamar

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