Comic-Con @ Home: 3 things you might have missed

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San Diego Comic Con 2021

San Diego Comic Con 2021

San Diego Comic Con is possibly the biggest event in all of comic book and multi genre entertainment to occur on a yearly basis, but COVID has certainly forced it to improvise.

Last year Comic-Con celebrated it’s first Comic-Con @ Home series of events and that was a massive shift for an event that welcomes over 100,000 guests through its doors each year.

This change has meant that an event that is normally sold out and many miss out, was open and free to access for people all around the globe.

But maybe that shift isn’t all good news.

While access to the event has never been more open, the range of programs and events available is somewhat limited.

Major players like Marvel have decided not to make an appearance at the Comic-Con @ Home events and maybe that is a result of the massive business giant, Disney, deciding to keep their news and new releases in house.

It makes sense when whatever they release, wherever they publish it still pulls in millions and millions of views.

But we did get to see some exciting reveals at this year’s event.

Below are the three best things to come out of this year’s event:

1.  Workshops

If you are a writer, illustrator, movie maker or storyteller, this year’s comic-con featured some wonderful panels on how you can break into the industry and hone your skills.

From a panel on launching your first Kickstarter to a pathway into game development, there is plenty to watch and learn from experts in the industry.

2.  Dexter: New Blood

One of my biggest highlights from this years event was the first look at the new series of Dexter!

Originally running from 2006 until 2013, Dexter had an incredible eight season run with a less than impressive ending for many fans, myself included.

The show followed the double life of a forensic technician by day, vigilante murderer by night as he tried to live a normal life alongside his dark passenger’s lust for blood.

Now, after almost a decade, Michael C. Hall returns for a brand-new adventure that promises to answer some of the questions that were left after the lacklustre finale.

The new project promises to have much of the original excitement and engaging moral dilemmas that came from the original show, watch the panel here which even has a couple of sneak peek trailers.

3.  Doctor Who

Last, but certainly not least, Doctor Who had an eventful presentation as the showrunner Chris Chibnall was joined by the doctor herself, Jodie Whitaker, Mandip Gill and John Bishop.

Jodie and Chris are heading into their third and with a widely anticipated reveal this last week, final season together.

The last few seasons of Doctor Who have seen some major changes to the show’s format and a complete reshuffle of cast and crew, but it finally feels like it has been coming into it’s own.

Chris revealed some additional changes to the upcoming season as they will be following a linear story which will connect all of the episodes together, somewhat akin to the Matt Smith/Stephen Moffat era which I for one could not be more excited about.

The individual stories can be fun, but having an overarching theme in a series can really pull in the viewer in a whole different way.

No absolute confirmation of who will be next to play the Doctor, but the panel did reveal a special addition to the cast you will definitely want to see for yourself!

What are you excited to see next?

This is just a brief overview of some of the highlights from this year’s Comic-Con @ Home and there is a whole lot more to explore from streaming service announcements from Prime and Peacock to news on the future of the Walking Dead franchise, so take some time to explore, its all available on YouTube at the official Comic-Con @ Home page.

Tell us what you loved or what you are the most excited to see in the next 12 months.

Ben Gibbons


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