Comic Conventions After COVID

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With restrictions beginning to lift around the world, what is happening with comic cons?

If you love comics, movies, or any sort of fandom, it is likely that attending a comic con is either something you regularly do or something you have dreams of doing.

Whether you are in the U.S. or Europe, Comic conventions take place all over the world and it is a great way to get out and interact with other members of the community and meet some of the stars of projects you love.


Live Events Back On?

Whether or not live events and massive gatherings are allowed again of course depends on your local rules and guidance but many of the biggest are providing alternative ways to get your dose of convention news and events.

The world-famous San Diego Comic-Con has been leading the way for the last two years by hosting Comic-Con @ Home as a virtual event that anyone can attend and many of their panels are still available to view on their YouTube Channel.


Upcoming Cons for 2021

If you are missing attending the events live, however, there are plenty of cons scheduled over the next couple of months and into 2022. Of course, these are subject to local laws and so availability may be limited, but check them out below.

New York Comic-Con: 7-10 October

DC FanDome (Online): 16 October

MCM Comic Con London: 22-24 October

MCM Comic Con Birmingham: 13-14 November

Liverpool Comic-Con: 13-14 November

London Film and Comic Con: 19-21 November

Comic-Con Special Edition: 26-28 November

Get Involved

There are more ways to get involved in the community if you aren’t ready to get back out there just yet.

From Reddit, DC Universe Infinite and Marvel Unlimited, and a ton of other ways to get your fill, don’t let lockdowns get you down.

To see some of the announcements you may have missed from Comic-Con @ Home, check out our article.

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