Doctor Who: Flux Showtime Revealed! When and Where to Watch it!

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In anticipation of Season 13, Doctor Who: Flux, the BBC has released some brand-new images from the upcoming series. We take a look at the stills and let you know exactly where and when you can expect to watch Episode 1: The Halloween Apocalypse.


New Aliens!

Many fan favourite aliens and monsters have been confirmed to return in the upcoming series, from Weeping Angels to Cybermen and even the lovable Ood, but we are excited to see some new faces too.

The Karvanista

Looking like a cross between Chewbacca and a Cavachon, the Karvanista look equally intimidating and adorable.

In additional images, it can be seen close to the Doctor as they talk together so we think this is likely to be a friendly race to the Doctor, or at least she has some allies amongst them.


Old Friends Return

The Sontarans have been a part of Doctor Who since the classic series.

More recently, the bloodthirsty war race have become favourable allies to the Doctor and we have grown to enjoy the spud head soldiers, but the uniform in the image above appears to be a return to the more traditional Sontarans of the classic series.

Will they be against the Doctor? It looks likely.


Mysterious Beings

Finally, this image shows a pair of aliens that look to be rather elegant.

Between the regal clothing and the sparkly adornments that may or may not be a part of their actual skin, this looks to be some sort of royalty.

Their skeletal appearance makes them a perfect fit for a Halloween episode, so we might just see them on the 31st as Season 13 kicks off.

When and Where to Watch Doctor Who Season 13

Doctor Who: Flux will be airing on BBC One at 18:25 on October 31st across the UK.

The episode is titled The Halloween Apocalypse and we hope to get a better idea of why the series has been given the special title of Flux.

Are you excited to tune in?


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By Ben Gibbons


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