Doctor Who: Flux? What, When and Who’s Next?

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If you have been following this page for a while, you will know we have discussed many of the exciting details concerning Doctor Who and its upcoming changes, and now there is more!

For all the latest details, keep reading.


Doctor Who is Coming Back

Recently, the BBC has been pushing hard with their marketing for the fast-approaching 13th season.

On October 9th, there was a very brief clip aired on the BBC prior to Strictly Come Dancing which got fans talking with its cryptic content.

The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) says “Can you hear me? Listen carefully, we don’t have much time,” just before the connection breaks off.

Adding to this mystery further, there is an official UK freephone number, 0800 678 3110 that you can call to hear another special message from the Doctor.

Interestingly, the final four digits correspond to another aspect of exciting news concerning the latest series…


The Release Date

Halloween night, the Doctor will return beginning a six-episode series especially titled Doctor Who: Flux.

It has been revealed that this special run of episodes will follow one continuous adventure which will feature some of our favourite aliens such as the Sontarans and the Weeping Angels.

This limited run will also be followed by three special episodes through 2022, with one scheduled for New Year’s Day and at least one feature-length special in the Autumn marking the Doctor’s regeneration, there is plenty to be excited about for DW fans in the coming year.


Rumours and Speculation

·       Billie Piper possibly returning?

Billie Piper recently expressed her willingness to return to the show. With factors such as sufficient time has passed and her children driving many of her decisions for upcoming roles, Piper may well feel that with Russell T. Davies returning as showrunner, now is the time to come back. But who can say what that might look like.

·       Christopher Eccleston unlikely to rejoin for the 60th Anniversary

In opposition to Piper’s positive attitude towards returning, Davies re-joining the show is likely to have the opposite effect on the Ninth Doctor. Eccleston had an extremely brief stint as the Doctor who revived the series and has only recently renewed a relationship with the franchise as he has recorded for Big Finish productions, the audio branch of Doctor Who.

In the past, Eccleston has indicated that his reasons for leaving were due to differences between himself and Davies so, unfortunately, it may mean we do not see a full return for the 60th Anniversary in 2023.

·       Olly Alexander to be the next Doctor?

Olly Alexander of It’s a Sin fame and the frontman of the band Years and Years has recently received increasing public attention as likely being Whittaker’s successor.

A number of UK betting sites offer users the opportunity to place bets on numerous outcomes of television and reality tv related news, and in the case of who will be playing the Doctor next, Olly Alexander is the frontrunner by a large margin.

With odds being as low as 2:1, it is likely that someone with more information has tipped off relevant parties and we may, in fact, have a face and name for the next Doctor.


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By Ben Gibbons


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