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The slate of films due to be released by DC and WarnerMedia is frequently changing as projects are announced, enter pre-production, procure and lose crews and numerous other issues.

That being said, for the first time in a long time, we have six movies with dates attached, five of which will be released in 2022.

For details of these upcoming projects and others that are at other stages in production, read on.


The Batman

March 4, 2022

The upcoming film will feature Robert Pattinson in the title role, but this isn’t just another origin story.

Batman has been fighting crime for a while in this reboot and with the cram packed cast of villains that will be appearing, The Riddler, Falcone, Penguin, and rumours of Two Face to name just a few, this film is expected to have a firmly established Bats dealing out his brand of vigilante justice in Gotham city.

It may not be the hero they needed right now, but they got the hero they deserved.


Black Adam

July 29, 2022

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson joins the DCEU as Black Adam!

Black Adam is the greatest nemesis of Shazam and as such, we can expect to see some interplay between this film and future instalments of Shazam.

This film is set to feature heroes from the Justice Society of America (JSA) such as Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone and Atom Smasher.

Like many other films over the last two years, Black Adam has suffered from date changes and interruptions to production but with the release date scheduled for this coming July, we are very hopeful it will hit it’s target.


DC League of Super-Pets

May 20, 2022

Superman’s dog team up with a flying cat to stop crime while Superman is on vacation.

This project has some huge names attached! Dwayne Johnson taking on a second role in a DC film as Krypto, Superman’s superdog, will be joined by the likes of Keanu Reeves, John Krasinski, Kate McKinnon, Kevin Hart, Jameela Jamil and Marc Maron to name just a few.

While the cast have yet to be fully revealed, we are expecting to see the Ace, Batman’s dog; Wonder Woman’s kangaroo, Jumpa; and Supergirl’s cat, Streaky the Supercat.


The Flash

November 4, 2022

Changing titles several times so far alongside the difficulties nailing down a director, this film starring Ezra Miller looks like it is finally underway.

Andy Muschietti, the film’s fifth director has built some hype for the movie with a post on social media combing the Flash and Batman logos and we have since learned more detail around the plot and casting.

The story from the Flashpoint comic plot and see Barry Allen encounter some of our favourite heroes through several different dimensional iterations.

Ben Affleck has signed on and it is indicated that he will have a small cameo role as the Batman from the Justice League films so far, while Michael Keaton will play a more substantial role as the Batman from 1989’s Batman.


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

December 16, 2022

Not much is known regarding the plot of the Aquaman sequel, but events are likely to follow on from the first film and see a few familiar faces returning.

Jason Mamoa is again expected to be joined by Amber Heard and thus far, we have also had Ocean Master’s return confirmed.


Shazam: Fury of the Gods

June 2, 2023

In a similar vein to Aquaman 2, there is little known of the plot for this film so far, however, it is clear that they are moving in a different direction from the first with previous star Mark Strong (Dr. Sivana) indicating he will not be returning.

Zachary Levi and director David F. Sandberg will both be back and many of the other co-stars as well, but as for what will happen, we will have to wait and see.


Various Stages of Pre-Production:


This film has been in pre-production for a while but now looks to be getting a proper treatment. One to watch as it will likely tie in with the Birds of Prey franchise.

Blue Beetle

Early discussions are taking place with a director attached and a potential lead role in Cobra Kai’s Xolo Maridueña.

Wonder Woman 3

Both Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are set to return and bring Wonder Woman into the present day. However, with Jenkins directing Star Wars: Rogue Squadrons at present, this film could be a few years out.

The Other Batman

Walter Hamada, head of DC films has discussed the DC multiverse making it possible to simultaneously create two sets of Batman films. Nothing concerning plot or casting is yet known but we expect The Flash to make it clearer how this might work.

Green Lantern Corps

Ryan Reynolds and John Stewart are expected to don the ring for this upcoming project that has been in the works since 2014. Discussions have been persistent so it is likely this project will happen, but it’s anyone’s guess just when we will see it.


Sasha Calle has been cast to appear as Kara Zor-El in The Flash but whether she will also lead this project is not entirely clear.

Joker 2

Whether or not the first film required a sequel at all was hotly disputed and both director, Todd Philipps and star, Joaquin Phoenix, were not clear about whether the character would be revisited. All of that now appears to be old news as it appears Philipps may already be working on the script.


Plans to have a feature film focusing on Dick Grayson appear to be quiet at present, but this may be intentional as the upcoming Batman movie may be set to introduce their own version of the character.


The character is clearly attractive to Warner Bros as talks of a possible film have been taking place since 2009. However, beyond rumours of who may be writing or directing, there is nothing solid to grasp on to yet but it seems likely WB will get around to it at some point.

Static Shock

In March, Randy McKinnon signed on to write the script that will hopefully bring the hero from the comics and the beloved animated series to the big screen.


With Henry Cavill’s future at DC looking very bleak indeed, there have been renewed discussions about a new set of Superman films with a Black actor in the lead. Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams production company is behind the project and are currently screening possible directors.


Gavin James and Neil Widener are working on a script for this recently announced DC project featuring a hero who requires Miraclo, a wonder pill to give him powers for a maximum of one hour a day.


What project are you most excited to see?

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By Ben Gibbons


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