Ghostbusters Afterlife: What Can We Expect?

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*Disclaimer note: There are no spoilers in this post as all of the information has already been released in the trailers.

Are you one of the Ghostbusters fans that was let down and a little bit burned by the reboot in 2016? Yeah, some of us shudder at the thought of what that turned out to be. It’s safe to say that the question is, can we look forward to Ghostbusters Afterlife? Can we expect to get what we were wanting all along and will it be something that younger audiences can appreciate who hadn’t heard of Ghostbusters until now?

Some of you may have heard the announcement back in 2019 and may have even followed up the anticipated July 2020 release only to be let down by the pandemic delay. Well, whether you’re hesitant or beside yourself excited Ghostbuster Afterlife finally has a release date they’re sticking to.


Coming November 18, 2021, for UK audiences and November 19th for the US Ghostbusters Afterlife will be delivering a whole lot of nostalgia will be making up for that letdown we all experienced in 2016. You may have watched the official trailers and maybe you still don’t know what to think. So, what can you expect from the upcoming Ghostbusters Afterlife?


Rest assured this is not a reboot but instead following the grandchildren of one of the original ghostbusters – Egon Spengler.  After being evicted from their home the family moves to a small town that starts to experience some weird activity. You may have seen some glimpses of said weird activity and some of the ghosts that will be appearing in the film.


Starring Stranger Things own Finn Wolfhard and McKenna Grace from A Haunting on Hill House. You can expect to laugh, be entertained, and go down a nostalgic road as there are many mentions of the original ghostbusters and even some footage from the original movies. There will be plenty of original gear and overall fun action scenes – and did someone say a souped-up old ghostbusters car?


In the words of director Jason Reitman this movie “…the film is about discovery…these movies have always been about outsiders discovering themselves through ghostbusting.”  You can watch his breakdown down of the trailer and some commentary on the movie here. He talks about keeping true to the original movies by sticking to the same visual effects and some of those unmatched 80’s sound effects.


In that desire to make this film about discovery it’s safe to say that this film is nostalgic enough for the older audiences who may have grown up watching Ghostbusters but also fresh enough to bring in the younger audience. It has something relatable for both the enthusiasts and the newbies just coming into the Ghostbuster universe.


Overall, this movie may be a refreshing answer to what we were actually waiting for in 2016. Now that we’ve waited through pandemic delays it’s safe to say that this film will live up to its word by being the third instalment to the originals.


For those eagerly anticipating the release of Ghostbuster Afterlife, you can see it in cinemas or you can catch it on Disney+ on the designated release dates for your country or region. Also, on an unrelated wrap-up – what do you think Will, Mike, and the gang from Stranger Things would think of the new movie? Leaving it on that question let’s hope we discover something really great by watching Ghostbuster Afterlife. Happy ghostbusting!

By Rosa Wilcox

Twitter: @eawilcox_

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