Has Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA6) just been confirmed?

Aug 10, 2022 | News



Back in the ye olde time of 2013, GTA5 whirred its way onto the main scene, and it’s made a gargantuan impact on players in the nine years since its release.

Whilst the rumour mill has been churning out gossip and buzz ever since it seems Rockstar fans finally have something to look forward to (and it’s not just another new edition).

The Low Down

An alleged developer on Grand Theft Auto VI leaked a plethora of insider info about the new game, and whilst Rockstar often maintains a blanket of secrecy in regards to their projects, it looks like fans might finally have some clarity.

Word on the street says we should expect GTA6 at its earliest by the end of 2024, maybe even pushing into 2025.

Whilst fans initially had their fingers crossed the game may release in 2020, there were numerous factors that obviously pushed the project and release way back: the COVID-19 pandemic, issues during the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar workplace mistreatment rumours… the list goes on.

One of the most noteworthy things to come from the leak is that GTA6 will be the first of the series where the player has the choice to play as a female protagonist.

Whilst this news has turned the Twitter-sphere into a frenzy of fans contesting the ‘wokeness’ of the game, the news has overall been received relatively positively. In addition, this female protagonist is said to play a significant role in the main storyline, which is said to act out an infamous Bonnie and Clyde-inspired narrative.

Furthermore, it’s said that, whilst the game is intended to take place in modern-day Vice City, post-release updates will see an expansion of the map; adding multiple cities and previously untrodden territories for GTA.

So whilst fans have plenty to chew on, it looks like they’ll stay chillin’ and killin’ in GTA5 for a while longer yet…

By Iona May Todd

Twitter: @ionamay16

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