Hawkeye Returns to the MCU: Trailer Breakdown

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Are you excited for Christmas? Yeah, ok, it might only be September, but the new Hawkeye Trailer has certainly gotten me into the festive spirit!

If you haven’t heard, the fifth MCU series to air on Disney+, Hawkeye has just released its first official trailer, and fans of the sharpshooting avenger can’t wait.

Here we will break down the trailer and what we know so far about the series and its release dates so you can add it to the Christmas wish list and get excited.

Here is the trailer:

What’s the Series About?

Disney and the MCU have been generous with presenting a range of new genres in their series’ so far. From nostalgic, dysfunctional family shows like WandaVision to sci-fi, time travel adventures like Loki, we have seen a lot.

And now, the brilliant minds over at Marvel have put together a new action-comedy series following Clint Barton in his… complicated retirement process.

Hawkeye, after going through the transformation and events of Infinity War and Endgame that made him Ronin, finally has his family back and wants to take a step back from the superhero thing.

The trailer sees Clint send his family off early in the holiday season as he clearly has some loose ends to tie up. Enter Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop and plans falling apart and you have yourself a sweet comedy duo with tongue-in-cheek humour and the passing of the torch to a new ‘Hawkeye’.

The show and trailer clearly lean into the cheesy Christmas cracker humour with the tagline “The Best Gifts… Come With A Bow” which really sets the tone for this show.

When is it Out?

The show will start streaming on 24th November and if it follows the same pattern as the other shows, it will have an episode each week.

Right now, IMDB lists this as an 8 episode limited series and with weekly episodes, that would mean fans will be enjoying this show into Christmas and right through to the New Year.

Are you excited to see Hawkeye?


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Ben Gibbons


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