Indie Comics Reviewed: Knights Vs. Pirates from Reckless Hero

Aug 4, 2022 | News



For the first edition of our regular comic book review series, we will be looking at Jay Martin and Chris Imber’s Knights Vs. Pirates.

First published in 2020 by Reckless Hero, let’s take a look at the Arthurian swashbuckling romp.

A tale of two legends

Knights Vs. Pirates follows King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table as they embark on a quest to retrieve The Holy Grail. Stolen by time-traveling pirates led by Edward Teach, better known as the notorious Captain Blackbeard.

What follows is an all-out battle royal between some of the greatest heroes of British folklore and the scurvy crew of Queen Anne’s Revenge. With a sprinkle of Atlantean lore and world-building to keep the reader intrigued.

The art of swordplay

Knights Vs. Pirates features Chris Imber on illustration duties, Matthew King on the colour flats, and Chris Jenkins providing finalized colours and lettering. Together, their work pops off the page with every swing of the blade and drop of blood spilled.

Although at least half of the 140-page graphic novel is one big non-stop battle, the action never runs stale and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Compliments must also be given to Imber’s unique designs of all the characters. It could have been so easy to give Arthur’s men more generic styles, but each warrior stands out in their own way without losing what makes them recognizable as knights.

How to get hold of Knights Vs. Pirates

The easiest way to get hold of Knights Vs. Pirates is from the publishers themselves, Reckless Hero.

And at the time of writing, they have this graphic novel along with their other original comics series The Last Sherrif and Operation: Boom, in both paperback and (if you’re one of THOSE people) digital bundles.

Final Thoughts

Martin and Imber deliver what you would expect from a title like Knights Vs. Pirates. A splendid tale of action and adventure that is a must-read for anyone who’s after something different from their comics.

And although the story is self-contained, there’s enough left open to hint at the possibility of other combatants in the future. Spartans maybe? Vikings? Samurai?!

Basically, I want more from this world and this creative team. This title is a shining example of what indie creators are capable of and are easily as talented as some of the mainstream writers and artists of today.

So, will you take a chance on this “treasure” of an indie title? Are you #teamknight or #teampirate? Let us know on our social media below.

By Liam Priestley

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