Ironheart: What We Know and What We Can Expect

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we all know, is expanding; and with the recent Disney+ day announcements we have one in particular that is gaining a lot of hype.

It’s one that will carry on the Stark legacy – and we can’t wait to see it!

It’s called Ironheart and no, it’s not the “girl” version of Ironman. She’s a young Chicago native who makes her own armour and becomes a superhero in her own way.

Ironheart or Riri Williams is going to be getting her own series and that means we may be seeing a little bit more of how she was inspired to build her armour by Tony Stark, in a similar way to Kate Bishop’s inspiration by Hawkeye in the current series. 

If you hadn’t heard of Ironheart prior to the announcement then look no further because I will take you through what we know and what to expect from this new series.

Before we get into what to expect from the upcoming Ironheart series on Disney+ let’s dive into what we already know. 

What we know 

Ironheart is none other than the teen genius Riri Williams. A Chicago native who raced through education and is accepted into MIT at just 15.

Riri idolizes Tony Stark and ends up making her own Iron Man armour that proves to be even better than Tony’s. Along with creating her very own Tony Stark A.I., she is also mentored by Pepper Potts. 

It is rumoured that Gweneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. (possibly as the voice for Riri’s Ironheart A.I.) will be making cameos in the series so hopefully, we get that to look forward to! 

We also know that Rhodey a.k.a. Warmachine will be crossing paths at some point in order to build-up to the upcoming series Armor Wars. 

Riri Williams will be played by Dominique Thorne and Ironheart will be coming to Disney+ with the first season expected to have 6 episodes. More details for Ironheart’s production and release date are coming soon (hopefully very soon). 

What can we expect?

  1. What would a superhero be without a tragic backstory? Riri Williams loses her father which leaves her with her mother and her aunt. 

  2. There is also a lot of excitement about Riri’s armour that she builds from stolen parts and is reverse engineered. We can expect to see one of the best iron clad suits. 

  3. We’ll be taken into Riri’s fight for justice, which will be seeing her stepping into her armour and becoming a hero in her own right.

  4. Again we can expect some crossover with Warmachine who will be teaming up with Riri in Armor Wars which will show the two defending and protecting Stark’s technology. 

Wrapping Up

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is absolutely changing the game for the BIPOC community. We are going to see Riri Williams step into her Ironheart armour not just as a “girl” Ironman but as a black female superhero. 

Add to this the growing list of female heroes from minorities being celebrated in shows like Ms Marvel, Echo, Eternals and Black Panther 2 and you can see how much Marvel studios are trying to make its supers more diverse and represent people from all walks of life.

Ironheart is also a part of a group of young MCU heroes called The Champions. It includes Cyclops and Spiderman – no details or even mentions of this yet from the MCU but we wouldn’t be surprised if something comes out in the future. 

The legacy of Tony Stark lives on which we can be happy about after that heart-shredding moment in Endgame.

We can expect to see the MCU letting Riri Williams have her own spotlight without too much Stark shadow covering her. 

Are you excited for the new Ironheart series? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our news updates to get the latest and greatest!  

By Rosa Wilcox

Twitter: @eawilcox_

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