Marvel hints at What If…? season 2 adventure

Nov 16, 2021 | News, Uncategorized



Disney+ Day saw a number of new shows announced by Marvel, but not a whole lot of information for when and what we might see.

But that changed today with the official Marvel Twitter account giving us a first look at what to expect in season 2!

And along with that, a month we can expect to see the series start!

The image above is clearly a clawed mutant, but that is not the Wolverine we know already.

The colour of the uniform is reminiscent of some other familiar heroes in the Marvel comics, but who could it be?

Well, one eagle-eyed fan posted their first thoughts and we can’t help but agree.

We haven’t officially seen the X-Men or Miles Morales in the MCU, but with big projects on the way, the possibilities are endless and a What If…? episode exploring a cross between Miles Morales and Wolverine is bound to be exciting!

We won’t have to wait long to find out as the poster also reveals that season 2 will be streaming just a few months away in March 2022.

So, is this Miles Morales as an Adamantium imbued beast? What do you think?

By Ben Gibbons

Linktree: @benjaminblogs1

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