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To tell the origin story of Comicspiration, I really have to wind back the clock to about 1994. 

I was a kid, who (rightly or wrongly) had just watched Tim Burton’s Batman. I was completely obsessed. No doubt because my older, much cooler, big brother loved Batman too. 

I then discovered the classic 90s Batman animated series, this was and still is, my favourite cartoon of all time – it was cool, it was beautiful, but it was gritty too and felt adult even though it was a programme for children. 

I guess that’s what made it so cool, you felt like you were a grown up when you watched it. 

And so, my love for comic book characters was born. I spent time dabbling in other things too; Transformers, Power Rangers, Pokémon – all the usual stuff children love. 

But there was nothing better (and still isn’t) than a group of righteous heroes, doing what needs to be done to save the day. It’s the stuff of true idealists; inspired people who believe in doing the right thing, no matter what it takes. 

On the note of idealism, I’m probably one of the most positive and idealistic people you’re likely to meet but like many of us, I had to grow up and get into the real world, get a job, build a career – all the usual stuff adults have to do. 

There was less time for drawing, doodling and writing as work took priority and my focus shifted. Thankfully, things change. 

2020 brought a lot of challenges to the whole world, and I’d realised I’ve spent way too much time working on stuff for other people that didn’t really bring me much joy and it was time for something new. 

I’d stayed in touch with Tom since we were at university together and I knew he was feeling the same. Throughout our friendship we’d always talk about movies, games, comics, technology and just throw ideas to each other. 

We think on the same wave lengths, but in different ways, we challenge each other and come up with, what we believe at least, are pretty cool ideas. 

Why don’t we start making comic books? was the question we asked ourselves. Well;

  1. We’re too busy with work 

  2. We don’t have the skills to write/illustrate/ink/publish/distribute

  3. There’s like no gain in doing this, it’s not going result in us having loads of money 

But we said, screw it, we’ll give it a go. Our passion overrides logic. 

We spent 2020 writing ideas, and produced 3 comic book stories, all of which are set in existing comic-book universes. We did this as a trial, to see what was possible. 

Could we find talented artists? Could we create a process for delivering comic books? Could we build a working knowledge of printing and resource the materials we need to print and publish comics? Well, the short answer, is yes. 

We’ve learnt so much in the last year since we started this journey. And now, we are delighted to say that we are creating the Comicspiration Universe!

We’ve got a Head Writer and a team of talented illustrators working on concepts and stories as you’re reading this article. 

The first issue of our Comicspiration Universe will be released later this year, with the rest of the series coming shortly afterwards. 

We’re doing this because we need to create something special, something that makes people feel good, hopefully something that can inspire people. That’s what Comicspiration is, it’s not about money or success, it’s a place, a conversation, a feeling, a comic book that makes you feel better after you’ve experienced it. 

Come with us on this journey.

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