Ben’s Origin Story

Nov 5, 2021 | News, Uncategorized



I have loved heroes for longer than I have memories. From my earliest childhood, I worshipped heroes like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

My parents bought me costumes to be able to emulate these heroes and very quickly, I moved from emulating them, to trying to forge my own path as a hero. Basically, I left the dress-up capes in the drawer and opted to wear an old, ragged tea towel around my neck.

I think I picked up on the idea of young heroes like Spidey pulling together their superhero uniform from materials around their home and I wanted to do the same.

This hero worshipping only grew with early 2000s films like Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and the early X-Men films which pulled these characters off the page and out of their animated series to make them real.

And then the age of the Superhero exploded with massive franchises like The Dark Knight Trilogy, the MCU, the DCEU and countless more stories.

My love for these characters and a passion for telling stories in any format led me to study English Literature, Graphic Novels, Journalism, Computer Games Development, Creative Writing and Media in order to find ways to get my voice out there and tell stories like the ones I adored as a child and well into adulthood.

As I spent my time refining my skills and attempting to afford a lifestyle where I could write stories and engage with people, I found Alan and Tom eagerly at work on Comicspiration.

We immediately hit it off as we discussed our similar interests and goals around comics, tech, film, tv, and inspiring and encouraging creativity. I was lucky to be able to join the team early and pour my passion into Comicspiration.

Together, we have been able to grow from a small group of people with similar interests into a larger network of Writers, Artists and Creatives who are passionate about the values and messages that we all get from hero’s and comics.

We have been able to secure interviews with icons in the industry that we aspire to make ourselves a part of and we are only at the beginning of this journey.

Comicspiration is a community, and if you are here and you resonate with any of what we have said, you are already a part of it.

Have fun, comment, contact us, sign up to the newsletter and make the most of this community of like-minded people.

Who knows, it could be your story idea or artwork that features in the next big Comicspiration story!

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