Oscar Isaac is Moon Knight! First look and what to expect

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Disney Plus day brought us our first look at Marvel’s new series, Moon Knight, and let’s just say, it looks incredible!

First look

The first teaser released gave us a look at Oscar Isaac, from Star Wars and Dune, as Marc Spector, the former US Marine that turns crime-fighter despite not having any superpowers.

Instead, Spector fights crime through his persona of Moon Knight, the high priest and fist of the Egyptian god Khonshu.

Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder, living with multiple personalities that are all pushed into the conflict of the action series. 

From the comics

Moon Knight is a complex character with multiple personalities leading to many different stories in the comic series.

The history of Marc Spector is an interesting one, with the comic series delving into his parent’s history as Holocaust survivors and victims of Nazi persecutors in Chicago’s Jewish community.

Spector’s early trauma leads him to join the US Marines, but he is discharged due to his dissociative identity disorder and joins the CIA as an agent.

Through his previous work with the US government, Spector gets connections to become a mercenary taking work near the Egyptian border with Sudan.

On a job, Marc is almost killed by a terrorist near an ancient Egyptian archaeology site, giving him ‘hallucinations’ of the god Khonshu in which he promises to serve the moon god, becoming the titular Moon Knight with his all-white costume. 

The series

Moon Knight’s multiple personalities will likely feature in the show, but it is unsure whether they will stick with any of the established personas from the comics such as Steven Grant or Jake Lockley.

The main voice that Marc Spector battles within his head is the Egyptian god Khonshu, but whether he is dealing with the actual deity or his delusions is never a sure thing.

In the teaser shown for Disney Plus day, Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector is seen staring at a golden statue of Khonshu, sporting the signature white cape of Moon Knight’s costume, meaning the Egyptian god might make an appearance.

During the same teaser, Marc is seen attacking an unknown person in the same outfit. Many of the flashes throughout the teaser show Moon Knight going around a museum with ancient Egyptian artefacts, probably relating to Khonshu’s role throughout the series. 

Ethan Hawke is also confirmed to be in the series but he did not make an appearance in the short teaser, although it does sound like his voice during the line in the teaser saying, “The voice in your head, it devours you.”, likely to be the villain communicating with Marc Spector.

The series is also slated to star May Calamawy, known for her supporting role in the Hulu series ‘Ramy’.

Moon Knight will likely release some time next year on Disney Plus, but there is no release date confirmed as of yet. 

Which Marvel show are you most excited to see?

By Lewis Williamson

Twitter: @LewisKW0

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