Shang-Chi Is About To Drop! What To Expect

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We are almost there! Shang-Chi, the latest hero to be added to the MCU line up makes his big-screen debut on 3rd September!

Critic reviews and journalist screenings have already been pouring in and praise for this film appears resoundingly positive so far, but what can we expect from this hero and how does he tie into the Ten Rings organisation which has appeared since the earliest films of the MCU?

Read on to find out.

Who is Shang-Chi?

If you don’t follow the comics, you may be wondering who this new guy even is.

And it might surprise you to know that Shang-Chi has actually appeared in the comics since 1973.

As with many of the comic book heroes we know and love today, his comic appearances slowly introduced us to the character as we learned more about his past and family, but this film will lay out an origin story as well as setting him within the MCU universe to join the rest of our heroes.

Simu Liu is playing as the title character and all of the trailers thus far have looked incredible.

Shang-Chi in the MCU maintains several similar characteristics to his comic counterpart as a master of Kung-Fu, but there have been alterations to his relationship with the Ten Rings organisation and its leader the Mandarin who is his father in the films.

The Ten Rings

The Ten Rings organisation has appeared in the Iron Man films as the abductors of Tony Stark and we have even met a fake Mandarin, but this movie will present a much more intimate look at the organisation and its leader.

And the name of the organisation appears to present a central premise of the film as the Mandarin wields Ten magical rings which instill the wearer with powers.

In the comic books, these are ten rings worn on the fingers which provide the wearer with powers over the elements, light, matter, and more.

How the ring’s powers will compare in the film as opposed to the comics is yet to be seen but it should be exciting nonetheless.

Theatrical Release Only

With the backlash Disney experienced due to their mishandling the release and sharing of profits both in theatres and on Disney+ from Black Widow, Disney has decided to only release this film in theatres for a 45-day window as an “experiment” quote by Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

Simu Liu is not a fan of this definition applied to his film and I am inclined to support him.

Whether you feel comfortable venturing out to the cinemas just yet or you intend to wait until it comes to Disney+ is absolutely a personal choice, but I expect Disney will see a negative impact with the exclusive release at a time where many people are not yet ready to go to cinemas.


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