Supernatural Prequel Series, The Winchesters is in The Works Now!

Oct 29, 2021 | News, Uncategorized



An official prequel series for popular CW show Supernatural is now in the works at Warner Bros.

Titled The Winchesters, the prequel series will follow the adventures of John and Mary, the parents of Supernatural protagonists Sam and Dean.

Jensen Ackles will be reprising his role as Dean Winchester, but as a narrator, and is also set to produce the series alongside his wife Danneel Ackles.


What’s the show about?

Details of the new series are still a mystery at this time; however, the plot has been described as a form of origin story for the Winchester family we all knew from Supernatural showing how John and Mary met, fell in love, and saved the world together.

It’s essentially an untold love story and one that was never really touched on in the main series, which featured both John and Mary in some seasons without drawing focus away from their children, who were the main characters after all.

Given that it’s a prequel to Supernatural, it’s a safe bet to assume we’ll see some powerful demons, ghosts, monsters and other dark entities as well as the tension and drama the original show was known for.

With Jensen Ackles reprising his role, it does beg the question if we’ll see any other fan favourite characters appear. Supernatural wasn’t afraid to play with the timeline a bit so maybe we’ll see past versions of well-known characters or see the modern versions travel back to meet John and Mary. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Who’s going to be in it?

In terms of casting, only Jensen is confirmed to return so far. In the original show, John and Mary were played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith respectively, yet this was when the characters were a little older. The upcoming series will feature a more youthful John and Mary Winchester so we can expect a new casting to play them.

Misha Collins who played fan-favourite character Castiel the angel on the original show has recently joked on Twitter that Castiel has the ability to time-travel which means he could definitely make an appearance somehow.


When can we expect ‘The Winchesters’ to arrive?

No set release date has been given yet as development for the series has only yielded a script so far.

It’s reported that this is not the only show that Ackles is working on which could mean additional spin-offs are also in the works which may slow production down. Stay tuned for future updates.


Will it be as good as the original series?

Supernatural was such a beloved piece of television that shows in the number of seasons it aired for. The show lasted for 15 seasons and it was the longest-running sci-fi/genre series on US television. The creativity that went into making each season unique and telling its own story is what made it stand out most.

Whether or not The Winchesters will live up to the legacy that Supernatural built is yet to be seen, but if Jensen Ackles himself is involved in its production, it’s safe to say the show is in good hands.

Only time will tell what this fresh take on the series will entail but stay tuned for more information as it comes out by signing up to our newsletter.

By Sam Cawley

Twitter: @sams_game

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