The 7 Biggest Reveals of DC Fandome 2021

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DC Fandome 2021 premiered October 16th and there was a whole lot for fans to get excited about revealed over the three-and-a-half-hour show.

We put together the highlights for you to check out and we would love to hear what you are most excited to see!


Black Adam

In Theatres: 29th July 2022

The news that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be a part of the DCEU has been out for some time now, but Fandome finally gave us our first look at him in costume.

Black Adam has long been a villain to Shazam’s hero in the comics, but we cannot wait to see how they bring him into the films!

The Flash

In Theatres: 4th November 2022

Ezra Miller introduces this clip saying that they didn’t have enough to make a trailer or even a teaser, but if that is the case, we cannot wait to see how much they will pack into the film!

The film will follow the storyline from the Flashpoint series of comic books where The Flash travels through time and branching realities.

Just in the clip alone, we learn how expansive this will be and the possibilities it is about to open up for the DCEU.

The Batman

In Theatres: 4th March 2022

We covered a fan trailer that garnered a lot of attention recently and with the official trailer released, we are that much more excited to see Robert Pattinson playing a Bruce Wayne that has had time to be shaped by the Batman persona.

This film certainly looks to be jam-packed with villains to put Batman to the test and we cannot wait to see it in cinemas!

Shazam: Fury of The Gods

In Theatres: 2023

Zachary Levi returns as Shazam alongside his super family, and joining them, Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu will be embracing their inner villain as they provide the family with their biggest threat yet!

This first look outlines an expansive adventure that will take the heroes around the world and into the mythology that inspired the stories.


Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

In Theatres: 16th December 2022

The original Aquaman came to theatres in 2018 and fans have long awaited the sequel, Jason Momoa and the cast return to take us deeper into the world of Atlantis in the thrilling follow up film.



Streaming on HBO Max: 13th January 2022

John Cena was introduced as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad (2021) and it looks like he will be continuing his outrageous, violent and goofy actions in this series written by James Gunn.

The series will follow Peacemaker as he meets his father and joins another team with… questionable methods.

At present, the release is exclusively through HBO Max so keep checking back to find out what the best way to see it in the UK will be.


Static Shock and Milestone

If you remember the animated Static Shock series from the 2000s or the comics from Milestone released in the 90s, then get ready to see Static finally appearing on the big screen.

This project was mentioned briefly in our article outlining upcoming DC projects, but there wasn’t a lot of news around it.

At Fandome, they reconfirmed that this project is in the works, the script is being written and Michael B. Jordan is producing it alongside Milestone.

What announcement from DC Fandome are you most excited about?

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By Ben Gibbons


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