The Batman: News, Rumours and When It Comes Out

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When you watched Twilight all the way back in 2008, did you ever think that that sparkling pale kid would make a great Batman someday?

I bet your answer is a firm NO! That or, “I never watched Twilight, that’s dumb”, I agree, but hey, that isn’t why we are here.

A concept trailer for The Batman just dropped and its garnering a lot of attention with over 2 million views in 2 days, and it has me thinking about what to expect from the upcoming film. If you want to know when it comes to theatres, current news and rumours about it and more, then read on.

Check out the concept trailer here:

Robert Pattinson is The Batman

When the official announcement was made way back in 2019, along with the expected release date for early 2021, I was not excited. And that isn’t to say a ton of people believed the casting was good. The fact is, the DCEU confused me. The direction, the films that were already out and the fact that they had a Batman already, why on earth was there a new film with a new actor coming?

But with massive box office hits like Tenet under his belt, Pattinson has certainly proved his acting chops outside of moody, ancient, teen-boy vampire and it is probably time to sweep that past under the rug.

And the trailer has only gone on to build hope in this new reboot.

The Trailer: What We Know So Far

So the trailer doesn’t reveal any new information by way of what is happening in the narrative or who might appear, but it gave us a solid representation of the tone this film will be going for.

This film has been confirmed by director Matt Reeves to be set apart from the original DCEU. It isn’t a younger version of Affleck’s Batman and this is not another origin story, we are seeing an established Bats who has been active as a hero for a while now.

The tone of this film looks great! Like, really, really great and I can’t believe that this vision of Batman hasn’t been an active part of each of the film iterations so far. We have a dark brooding Batman, true to the character we frequently see, but while this is normally established in each of the other films, his past doesn’t seem to be the driving force that keeps pushing his actions forward. It might be the spark that turns him into the Batman, but this iteration looks like that pained orphanhood and witnessing the traumatic events as a child is a constant spectre in his face and fuelling his actions to make Gotham a better place.

This kind of breaking and hurt is exactly what Batman should be facing, the overcoming of it shouldn’t be being able to forget it, but facing that fear down and moving forward anyway. “You’re the product of everything you fear” as spoken in the trailer is Batman’s origin and the absolute fibre of his being.

Where in The DCEU…?

Now, I know I said that this is set apart from the DCEU, but some extra exciting news from Andy Muschietti, the director of the upcoming The Flash film has got fans theories spinning out of control.

It does look like there could be potential for a Flashpoint crossover event that would bring Pattinson into the current DCEU without needing to rely on the other films for his character.

When is it Out?

The film is due to hit theatres on March 4th 2022, so there is plenty of time for more trailers and a lot of speculation to come out around this film.

Are you excited to see The Batman? What do you hope will happen?


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