The Morbius Trailer Just Dropped and Things Are About To Get Crazy!

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Multiverse, parallel universe, portals opening up? What is actually happening here?

The second Morbius trailer has just dropped and stuff is about to be taken to a whole other level because the Spider-Man universe is about to expand and get a whole lot crazier!

If you’ve seen it then you probably noticed that there are a few little hidden easter eggs lying around.

Either that or you have stumbled across the endless fan theories and articles about what is about to go down in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

If you haven’t noticed any of this craziness in the new trailer, that’s alright. We’ll talk about some of the wildest theories here to give you a taste of some of the stuff that may be in the works. 

We Are… Who Now?

There has actually been a lot of noise about the new trailer making a reference towards Venom.

First of all in the shot with The Daily Bugle showing the image of Rhino and the end of the trailer where Morbius himself says with all his grunt “I am Venom,” but it’s not only Venom that gets a reference.

There’s a whole lot of background noise in the new Morbius trailer that makes theories about a multiverse not so far-fetched.

Maybe this is what we’ve all been waiting for and it has finally come through in the story about a doctor-turned vampire.

Now without further ado let’s talk about all those not-so-hidden background goodies, shall we?

The Amazing Spider-Man, Tom Holland, and Sam Raimi? 

The first is the Oscorp logo from The Amazing Spider-Man directed by Marc Webb which brings the appearance of the Green Goblin into play.

You may have seen the Oscorp tower in the trailer without giving it much thought, but this brings Morbius into The Amazing Spider-Man universe. 

Not only that but in the scene where Morbius may or may not be escaping from prison, you can see him pass by another reference to Spider-Man: Far From Home in the form of a vandalized picture of Spider-Man.

The word “murderer” is spray-painted over the image of Spidey which is making reference to when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been framed for Mysterio’s death (since everyone now knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man). 

The image that the “murderer” line is spray-painted on is not just any Spider-Man either, it’s Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man from the Sam Raimi trilogy.

So that confirms all three Spider-Men in the Sony Spiderverse, right? While we can’t say for certain, the evidence is pretty overwhelming. Yep, we did say things were about to go to a whole other level…

Hints at The Sinister Six?

Secondly, did you notice the hints at a gathering of the Sinister Six?

Going back to The Daily Bugle, there is an image of the Rhino who we last saw in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Right next to that a headline mentioning Black Cat is seen which points to the fact that Sony may finally be doing what they say regarding that Black Cat movie.

But the most obvious reference to the sinister six has to be the Vulture making his cameo in the trailer expressing his desire to “stay in touch” with Morbius. 

MCU and Final Thoughts

Now the question that so many people keep asking is; is Morbius part of Disney’s MCU or is No Way Home going to see Tom Holland exiting the MCU and joining the Sonyverse with ahem, no way home?

We’ve seen that The Amazing Spider-Man, Raimi’s Spider-Man, and now John Watt’s Spider-Man are also shown to be part of the universe that Morbius himself is in. 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yet to really be answered since there has been so much back and forth between Disney and Sony.

And with rumours swirling of more debate between Disney and Marvel studios regarding the future of the partnership, we can’t be sure what to expect.

Coming Soon

Now that we’ve covered the web of easter eggs we can now look forward to the madness that Morbius is about to unleash.

Fan theories galore, unconfirmed film titles from Sony, and all the Spider-Man universes seeming to blend together we will see what ensues in the coming years.

After all of those pandemic cinema release date delays, we can finally set our eyes on Morbius’s theatrical release on January 28th, 2022. 

But what do you think about these universes colliding? Do you think Holland’s Spider-Man might be leaving the MCU, comment below.

By Rosa Wilcox

Twitter: @eawilcox_

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