Why the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer does reveal multiple Spider-Men

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The Spider-Man: Now Way Home trailer just dropped and Tom was right, we weren’t ready for it…


The extraordinary hype that has been built in anticipation of No Way Home is insane!

It is safe to say that this is the most highly anticipated film coming out of the MCU so far.

Spider-Man has long been a fan favourite, Tom Holland has brought new life to the character which perfectly combines the awkwardness of Peter Parker and the enigmatic confidence of Spidey in a way that hasn’t been captured before.

That being said, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey Maguire and The Amazing Spider-Man films with Andrew Garfield is a large part of what made the character such a household name.

And with the timelines all out of whack, rumours have been flowing non-stop.

We’ve covered many of these rumours and the trailer was expected by many to confirm the presence of not one, not two, but three spideys taking the lead in No Way Home


The brand new trailer is full of new footage which fans have been desperate for since most scenes revealed so far take place on the bridge with Doc Ock.

While we do not see confirmation of multiple Spider-Men, we do get a first glimpse at the villains that have been hinted at up until now.

Namely, Electro played by Jamie Foxx, Sandman and Lizard who are also likely played by the original actors. We also very clearly hear Willem Dafoe’s gravelly voice as Green Goblin.

In the scene pictured above, it’s clear to see that Electro and the Lizard are not aiming at Holland’s Spidey.

In classic Marvel team-up style like the scenes in Civil War where two groups face-off, this image clearly appears to show a stand off where it is very likely Maguire and Garfield have been digitally removed to keep their appearance a surprise.

All hope is not lost

Perhaps the most telling part of this trailer though for those disappointed to not see Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in this trailer, the final scene of the trailer where Strange is speaking to Peter at the Statue of Liberty, Peter is already a little busted up and Strange says: “They’re starting to come through… and I can’t stop them.”

Is this referring to the other Spidey’s breaking into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Only time will tell, but we think odds are high.

The film will be exclusively in theatres on the 15th December in the UK and Europe and the 17th for the US and Canada.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you happy with the reveals?

By Ben Gibbons

Linktree: @benjaminblogs1

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