The Umbrella Academy Season 3 – New images, full trailer breakdown, and release date

May 30, 2022 | News



A lot of exciting announcements have been made recently about the beloved show The Umbrella Academy. This includes a trailer which was dropped recently, as well as stills from the new season and finally a definitive release date.

Season 2 finished in an unusual place. The Hargreeves family returned to their home on April 2nd 2019, the day after the original apocalypse, and found their deceased father and seven others (including Ben) claiming to be The Sparrow Academy.

Since then, we’ve all been eager to find out more about what this cliff-hanger meant – how The Umbrella Academy became The Sparrow Academy and what they did to alter their family timeline whilst trying to save the world – but no longer do we have to wonder as our questions are finally being answered.

Teaser images

Both Netflix and The Umbrella Academy’s Twitter accounts revealed several images of scenes in the show’s third season. We were given a first look at what’s to come including new characters and some character duos and trios that we’ll be seeing band together this season.

Images show that all the Hargreeves’ siblings will be spending more time together this season compared to the first two, where they were frequently scattered in different locations, fighting and bickering with each other, and dealing with their own separate lives.

Also, some of the siblings have changed their appearances this season with Diego reverting to his short, tamed hair similar to how he wore it in season one. Allison has also reverted to her natural curls with a slight twist of a sleek wet look, Klaus has trimmed a few inches off his locks, and obviously due to Elliot Page’s transition, his character will have a new name (Viktor), gender, and look this season.

Viktor seems to be more involved and closer with his siblings this season as he’s seen in conversation with Allison and possibly confronting someone with brother Luther.

Five, as usual, is trying to figure out how to save the world and it seems he’s found a new hideout to do just that.

Euphoria star Javon Walton is joining this seasons cast, but his character’s name and purpose has yet to be revealed. Walton disclosed that he would be appearing in the show back at the beginning of the year, and we’ve just been given this sneak peek into his character.

We may also be seeing more Klaus and Five content in season three, with the possibility of them sharing a room together as images suggest. Klaus appears to be overjoyed to be back home with a bed of his own, Five also seems to be relaxed for the first time… probably ever.

Lila joined the Hargreeves’ in 2019 and will probably be just as included this season as the last. After battling against the Hargeeves’ last season and being convinced that they weren’t her enemy, she will most likely join forces with The Umbrella Academy and help them save the world.

Some of the images shared on social media provide an insight into The Sparrow Academy’s powers, uniforms, and attitudes. Their colours differ from The Umbrella Academy going with a more daring maroon over the darker grey.

Ben acts as the leader of his mutant siblings and leaves the impression that he has little tolerance for people, especially The Umbrella Academy, and will be swapping out his sarcasm this season for arrogance.

Reginald Hargreeves has the potential to be an entirely different character this season, or at least the chance to develop as he’ll most likely be a recurring character.

The one image that was released of Colm Feore’s character was very unusual displaying him either protecting or about to indulge in a tin of biscuits.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer was quite the rollercoaster, and it answered some questions that were left to the imagination in the season two finale.

We were clued in on what happened on the Hargreeves’ trip back from the past that left them confused about the future they returned to.

According to Five, when the Hargreeves’ travelled back to 2019 they created a time paradox which initiated what Five refers to as a “Kugelblitz”. This blitz is now swallowing the Earth piece by piece and once again Five and his family only have a few days to stop it before the universe ceases to exist.

Five also explained that The Sparrow Academy just means that seven different mutants were adopted by their father, Reginald Hargreeves, instead of them. Bringing forth another problem as they could encounter their other selves triggering quite a bit of confusion.

And as if they didn’t have enough problems already, The Umbrella Academy now have to deal with the students of The Sparrow Academy as well as reverse the “Kugelblitz” and avoid their other selves.

The “Kugelblitz” may also be causing some peculiar things to appear as Klaus runs through the woods to get away from what appears to be three ghosts. Usually, assuming these ghosts were due to the “Kugelblitz” would be the most logical conclusion.

But since it is Klaus that’s seeing them, there is the possibility that it could be the result of alcohol or drugs which we know Klaus tends to abuse from time to time.

The trailer also confirms that the Hargreeves continue to be their chaotic selves whilst trying to save the world, which was to be expected and will hopefully make season 3 just as entertaining and comedic as the last.

They also appear to be hateful against Ben and the rest of The Sparrow Academy referring to them as “dickheads”, whilst Klaus concurs with this description, he does seem to be relieved that he’s not the only one seeing Ben again.

This opens the question of whether The Umbrella Academy and Sparrow Academy can get along and band together in order to stop another apocalypse.

However, it’s doubtful that The Sparrow Academy will refuse to join forces with The Umbrella Academy since the whole point of Reginald Hargreeves’ school is to prepare the mutants he selected to stop the apocalypse.

If The Sparrow Academy are unwilling to aid the Hargreeves in preventing the apocalypse it does appear that they have the help of one ally at least. Their prior enemy Lila is shown in the trailer to be using her powers for good by working alongside Viktor.

A surprise character that some may be excited to see this season is Pogo who died back in season 1. The trailer didn’t feature him much, but we do know he will be making appearances here and there in season 3. One of these appearances closes out the trailer and presents him as a tattoo artist wearing a biker jacket, which is very different to how we’ve seen him in the past.

Whilst the focus this season will be this new apocalypse and The Sparrow Academy, hopefully some other things will be addressed this season.

Such as Five still being in his teenage body, where Allison’s daughter is (will she still exist in this alternate reality and make an appearance?), and will this time paradox invite the possibility of other characters coming back to life like Grace, Detective Eudora Patch, Agnes, Hazel, Cha Cha, and even The Handler?

Release Date

After waiting almost a year, we have finally been given a release date.

Mark your calendars because the show is finally returning to Netflix on the 22nd of June.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer yet, catch it here.

What do you guys think? Will The Umbrella Academy and The Sparrow Academy put their differences aside and work together to prevent the third apocalypse? Will The Umbrella Academy finally be able to stop the apocalypse without triggering another one?

By Ellimay Mead

Instagram: @ellimays_activism

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