The Walking Dead’s Clementine graphic novel is coming soon – here’s what to expect

May 11, 2022 | News



In six weeks time, the brand new comic based around video game character Clementine will be available to purchase.

The release of this graphic novel was announced back in 2021 following the publication of Clementine Lives in the Skybound X comic, which was created to mark 10 years of Skybound and was Clementine’s debut.

The comic continued Clementine’s story following the events that unfolded in the final season of The Walking Dead game. Therefore, you will need to have played the game and read the Skybound X comic to understand the journey that Clementine takes in the graphic novels.

*Beware: Spoilers ahead*


Clementine, now 17 years old, is on the road again moving forward from the tragedies of her past and looking for her place in this post-apocalyptic world.

Now that she is alone, she has to be extra careful of her surroundings, that is, until she comes across a possible new ally.

Amos, a teenager who is Amish, crosses Clementine’s path and becomes her new travel companion. Clementine and Amos discover and set up camp at a Vermont ski resort with several other teenagers.

Clementine and her new group take on the job of ensuring this new location becomes a safe place that they hope to call home. Unfortunately, the winter season isn’t the most ideal and causes conflict within the group and could possibly put their plan of survival at risk.


Besides Clementine and Amos, there will be several other characters appearing in this comic. Unfortunately, Tillie Walden, the creator of the comic, hasn’t leaked any names of these other characters mentioned to live alongside Clementine and Amos.

However, Tillie did express in an interview with FCBD that her inspiration around the characters was down to her curiosity about the Amish and how they would “fare in a zombie apocalypse”.

She also mentioned that she wanted to explore what it would look like for “communities that mostly live apart from modern society [to] experience the disintegration of society.”

A preview from Skybound teased one character which would appear in this comic, but it would only be a brief encounter. This character is a dentist with some knowledge of prosthetics helping Clementine care for her leg and fit a prosthetic.

Release date

The comic by Tillie Walden and Robert Kirkman is due for release on the 22nd of June 2022 online and June 28th in stores. Therefore, the wait is almost over. However, this will only be book one in the trilogy of graphic novels, the release dates for the remaining two are yet to be seen.

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By Ellimay Mead

Instagram: @ellimays_activism

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