Three Reasons to Get Excited About Jonathan Majors’ Kang

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Johnathan Major’s Kang the Conqueror appears in Disney+ series Loki.

Johnathan Major’s Kang the Conqueror appears in Disney+ series Loki.

Spoiler warning for Loki! Wait, maybe just saying that spoils it?

Anyway, if you haven’t seen Loki and you want to, turn away now, if you don’t care, please read on.

With the grand conclusion to the Loki series streaming over on Disney Plus, we were introduced to what looks like it may well be, the brand new big bad of the MCU.

He Who Remains! Better known to many hardcore fans as, Kang the Conqueror!

Jonathan Majors has been announced as playing Kang the Conqueror in the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania for a while now, but his appearance at the end of time in the series was a very welcome surprise to fans, with many anticipating it from early in the series.

But Who the Heck Is Kang?

If you haven’t followed the marvel comics, you’d be forgiven for not knowing who Kang is, and potentially even if you do, because he doesn’t really have a huge presence in recent years.

But his appearance in the MCU is big news for a number of reasons.

1.       He is a descendant of Reed Richards

Yes, you read that right. Reed Richards of Marvel comics first family, the Fantastic Four.

Not only that, but Kang is also a possible descendant of Victor Von Doom which gives him and incredible, dangerous, terrifying and exciting gene pool.

Despite his powerful ancestry, Kang himself does not possess any superhuman abilities aside from a super intellect. He is a genius… but not just a genius, he is a genius from the 31st Century.

Within his home time, he lives as Nathaniel Richards until his obsession with the history and technology of his ancestors causes him to travel back in time. One of his very first forays into the past sees him visit ancient Egypt where he ascends to power as Pharaoh Rama-Tut.

His lust for power only expands from there and over the course several decades from his first appearance in comics in 1963, fans learned many of the aspects of his character which were neatly unfolded in a brief 40-minute episode of Loki.

2.       As seen in Loki, he is heavily involved with the Multiverse

Likely the most exciting part of Kang’s appearance for many fans is how it opens up the doors to the multiverse for the MCU.

With films like Quantumania and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on the way, the multiverse was hotly anticipated, but with very little knowledge of how it might work.

Shows like WandaVision built up fans hopes for a breakthrough with the appearance of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, only to have those dreams shattered by the ridiculous reveal of Ralph Bohner.

But Kang and his demise opens up some serious doors for future crossovers in absolutely any way imaginable.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has long been rumoured to have not only Tom Holland’s Spidey, but also Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire suit up to join the fun.

This is alongside the confirmed appearances of Dostor Octavius played by Alfred Molina from the original trilogy and Electro played by Jamie Foxx from the Amazing Spider-Man films.

Plus, the What If…? Series is now confirmed as canonical and this provides a way to have crossovers from unofficial shows such as Agents of Shield and the Netflix Marvel series’, and that’s just the likely things to happen, who knows if we will end up seeing a DC crossover now!

3.       He likely marks a path for the appearance of Doctor Doom

With Kang’s heavy ties to the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom specifically, this does potentially mark the first step towards seeing Doctor Doom himself in the MCU.

In the comics, Victor Von Doom is one of the biggest and baddest villains with powers that blow charts through the roof, and I think it’s fair to say that his previous iterations in certain unmentionable films and reboots could do with being done right.

Are You Excited to Meet All of Kang?

It is close on the horizon, with the upcoming Marvel slate growing by the day, there is plenty to dive into and a multiversal villain that appears as a bunch of variants that can be knocked off one at a time makes for an exciting adventure ahead.

Get ready to meet a whole lot more of Kang, and Kang, and probably a little more Kang too.


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