Top 10 Superhero Games of All Time

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Yes, this is a throw back to a classic ;-)

Yes, this is a throw back to a classic 😉

Whether the last time you played a video game of any sort was a few minutes or a few years, you have likely played some games from your favourite franchise.

If we are specifically discussing superhero games though, these have been extremely hit or miss in the past.

Maybe it’s down to finding the right balance between creating a super-powered game, that also challenges and rewards the player. Flying around a city as Superman is great, but when you are restricted to a limited flight meter, something just doesn’t feel right.

Some games fit the mold better for a video game and I think you will see that in our top 10 here, so let’s jump right into it and see what game should be next on your Wishlist.


The Top 10 Countdown


10. Marvel Contest of Champions

Yes, this is a mobile game. Yes, it’s a 1v1 combat game, but there is a reason it has been around since 2014 and still pulls in a thriving active player base.

I have played a lot of mobile games in my time as I transitioned from the kind of free time I had to play console games to the ultra-convenience that mobile gaming provides and I can honestly say, I still play this one today.

I haven’t been active continuously from launch but this is a game where you get to see your favourite characters, follow entertaining stories and upgrade and improve your roster of characters over the long term.


9. The Wolf Among Us

Telltale games have a unique animation style that really feels like a comic book.

The Wolf Among Us acts as a prequel to the Fables comic book series where players control Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown.

Explore a beautifully animated world as you solve mysteries and decide how Bigby responds to the world around him.

This is an entertaining game that is well worth checking out.


8. Lego Marvel Heroes

The Lego series of games have a ridiculous amount of charm and if you haven’t played them yet, I beg you, just try it.

From a wide variety of collectibles and characters to unlock to a hilarious story, these games are fantastic at any age.

Solve puzzles, play as your favourite characters and just have a blast. These games all support a super easy and casual multiplayer too so any time you want to tap in or out of the game, you can.


7. Deadpool

Do you remember Activision’s Deadpool game from 2013?

I and my friends used to burst out laughing at all the hilarious antics of one of the comic books’ all-time favourite antiheroes.

With brilliant dialogue that is very convincing Deadpool, breaking the third wall, and exploring all of his OP powers to their limits, this game was a total gem… I think maybe I should buy a copy of the PS4 version released in 2015 to play through again just thinking about it.


6. The Walking Dead

Another entry from Telltale games with an episodic adventure. This game is set in the same world as the comics but follows a brand new set of characters.

Forge your own adventure and see how you shape up in the zombie apocalypse.


5. Injustice 2: Gods Among Us

So, Injustice and its sequel follow a specific storyline in the DC comics which sees the heroes become rampaging vengeful villains.

Another 1v1 fighting game following the Mortal Kombat style where you master combos and upgrade your equipment to become the ultimate champion.

This entry features some great improvements from the first one and the story isn’t too bad, even though it may be quite short.

If you are into this style of game, online replayability is also a wonderful draw.


4. Batman: Arkham City

The Arkham series of games are to Batman games, what Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was to the films.

They have seen some highs and lows in the series but nothing else comes close to these games for putting you in the driver’s seat of Gotham’s Dark Knight.

Take on the biggest villains and explore the city as you try to bring the justice that Gotham needs.


3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Another oldie from 2009 which really blew my mind as a kid. I loved playing as my favourite hero and slicing and dicing the bad guys.

This was a darker game with more over-the-top violence which felt exactly right for the character.


2. Ultimate Spider-Man

It was 2005, I was the proud owner of a PS2 and I wanted nothing more than to sink hundreds of hours into the Ultimate Spider-Man game!

Not only did you get to roam around New York City as everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man, but you also got to play as Venom. And the graphics give it a timeless feel that is perfect

In fact, the only reason this game is not top of the list is that it needs to be on a modern console. That being said, if they released a remaster for it, I would be on it.


1. Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

Maybe this is a controversial number one position, but there is no arguing that this is a solid modern game.

As we said earlier, some powers just lend themselves to a gamified experience more than others and the powers of the web-slinger are masterfully displayed in this fully fleshed out story.

I don’t think anyone was expecting Marvel’s Spider-Man to be a unique storyline with it’s own universe.

You are no longer the awkward teenage Peter Parker, now you get to experience awkward college graduate Peter! All joking aside though, this is a more confident Parker with a plethora of new abilities and web powers to explore as well as a fantastic story and incredible free-roaming exploration available.


That was our top 10, what’s yours?

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