What If…? Episode Titles Leaked

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What If…? The new cross-dimensional explorative series airing on Disney+ every Wednesday is a few episodes in now and it’s been a crazy adventure so far.

If you haven’t been watching the series so far, you should, but let’s explore a little bit of what the show is about and what we can look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

What If…? What?

You would be forgiven for not knowing what the heck is happening in this show as it appears to be completely different from what we have seen in the MCU so far.

However, this show has been confirmed as part of the MCU and you can read a little more about that in our Loki review and which adds some weight to the events that take place.

While What If…? covers some stories that may have been extremely difficult to bring to live-action, it does give Marvel the chance to test the water with some multiversal variants of well-known and beloved characters.

The show opens with an intro from the Watcher as he walks us into a new universe where small choices made by our heroes have created drastic changes to their reality.

Fun for The Whole Family

Animation has increasingly become more regular viewing for mature audiences with shows like Family Guy, Rick and Morty and the massive following of anime. Cartoons are not just for kids.

That being said, this show is classic Marvel/Disney family-friendly stuff and if you like me have small kids running around, the vibrant colours and imagery will hopefully grab their attention and give you something to enjoy together.

Upcoming Episode Titles Leaked

Over on Reddit, there have been some leaks appearing around episode descriptions and titles.

Below are the alleged titles and there is definitely some exciting stuff on the way.

·       Episode 1: Captain Carter

·       Episode 2: T’Challa as Star Lord

·       Episode 3: Loki on Earth

·       Episode 4: Dark Doctor Strange

·       Episode 5: Party Thor

·       Episode 6: Tony Stark and Killmonger

·       Episode 7: Marvel Zombies

·       Episode 8: Tony Stark on Sakaar

·       Episode 9: Infinite Ultron

Now this leak appeared before Episodes 2 and 3 aired but they have both been correct so far. So while you should always take these leaks with a grain of salt, this one holds some weight.

Beyond this, we are expecting more brilliant stuff on the way that we have seen hinted at in the trailer.

For more news and updates on all your favourite fandoms, check out our news page.

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