Will Poulter is Adam Warlock for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

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Director James Gunn has taken to Twitter to confirm the casting announcement for Adam Warlock in his next and final instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise. We have all the latest news right here.

On October 11, Gunn responded to a tweet from Deadline Hollywood which announced from a ‘source’ that Will Poulter was cast as Adam Warlock.

The response, beginning with Gunn stating his tendency to strike down false rumours, was posted a mere 13 minutes later, leaving no room for speculation before this announcement was made official.

The response from fans was both thrilled and excited, and Gunn’s tweet amassed well over 50,000 likes!

He goes on to describe Poulter as an ‘amazing actor and wonderful guy,’ followed by, ‘see you in a couple weeks.’ Following this timeframe, they will have started working together by now and be in the final preparation stage before filming officially begins this month.

What we know about Adam Warlock

Although originally planned to have an integral role in 2017’s GOTG vol. 2, Adam Warlock was reduced to a tease with too many characters already in the mix.

Gunn likely didn’t want this character’s story to suffer, or be anything less than what it deserves because he is one of his absolute favourite characters.

From this, we can be sure that the character will be given the utmost care and attention for GOTG vol. 3.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe first teased the character amongst the end-credit scenes of GOTG vol. 2.

The defeated sovereign high-priestess, Ayesha, artificially engineered an entirely perfect being to help her destroy the guardians. She named this being ‘Adam,’ and that’s where the scene ends.

Warlock’s origin in the comics is a little different. He was created by a group of earth scientists known as the Enclave in their quest to create perfect beings (remind you of anyone? *cough* Tony Stark).

Warlock rebelled against this group with his cosmic, god-like powers, and he progressed to become one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel Universe. He was even the first comic character to kill Thanos by turning him into stone.

However, his portrayal in the comics hasn’t always been as an antagonist but more often an anti-hero and even a protagonist.

It will be interesting to see how this influences his portrayal in the upcoming movie. Will he rebel against Ayesha, as he did against the Enclave? Will he fight alongside the Guardians, against them, or both?


Will Poulter’s response

The 28-year-old successful Black Mirror and We’re the Miller’s star expressed his admiration and gratitude at a recent red-carpet event.

Poulter was asked about this update at the recent London Film Festival and his response was nothing but wholesome, “I feel very, very lucky and honoured to have been welcomed into the Marvel family.”

He continues by saying, “James Gunn is someone I really, really admire so I feel very lucky.”

Their searches for the perfect Warlock began at the end of August 2021 and Poulter’s test was just too good to pass up. Regé-Jean Page and George MacKay were also considered for the role before Poulter was cast.


So, what’s next?

Currently, little is known about the GOTG vol. 3 plot and there probably won’t be for a while. Its release is set for May 5, 2023, following 6 other MCU films and the web series special: Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special – coming late 2022.

Although not confirmed, there is a small chance that we may get an appearance of our favourite band of misfits in Thor: Love and Thunder, given Thor was last seen with them at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

For those of you who, like me, cannot wait for this small chance to see the guardians, Thor: Love and Thunder will release on May 6, 2022.

Let us know what you think about this casting announcement!

By Alicia Quinn

Instagram: @alicobbles

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