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The Origins of Comicspiration

We wanted to give you a little introduction to our founders and provide the origin story for this venture so please settle in and take a look.

Comicspiration is a different kind of comic publisher. While we want to bring to life beautiful colourful stories full of engaging characters and exciting adventures, our goal is to also provide hope and inspiration for anyone reading. We do this by writing stories of diverse, identifiable characters who find themselves in relatable (but far more dramatic) situations.

All of us experience challenges in life and more often than not, it’s a real balancing act between school, work, family, relationships and everything else – especially over the last 18 months during the pandemic.

Now more than ever it’s important to bring hope and positivity and we believe this will make life a little brighter for us all.

Our founders, Al and Tom both share their stories of how Comicspiration was formed below, so read on to find out how we did it and what motivated us.

Continue reading below to find out more.

Meet the team


Meet Alan, our Founder

Favourite comic-book character: Batman, Wolverine or Bruce Banner, I’m into the lone wolf/conflicted character thing.

Favorite comic: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns or Sin City. The Long Halloween by Loeb/Sale is impossible to ignore, or even All Star Superman, also into literally anything Jack Kirby worked on.

Favourite comic-book movie: The Dark Knight Trilogy was amazing, and I obviously have a lot of time for the Marvel Cinematic universe. I think I’d have to go with Civil War, it was such a great movie in the cinema!

Meet Ben K, Co-Founder

Favourite Comic Book Character:

Favourite Comic:

Favourite Comic Book Movie:


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