Top 10 Superhero Games of All Time

Yes, this is a throw back to a classic 😉 Whether the last time you played a video game of any sort was a few minutes or a few years, you have likely played some games from your favourite franchise.If we are specifically discussing superhero games though, these have...

What If…? Episode Titles Leaked

What If…? The new cross-dimensional explorative series airing on Disney+ every Wednesday is a few episodes in now and it’s been a crazy adventure so far.If you haven’t been watching the series so far, you should, but let’s explore a little bit of what the show is...

When Will Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Be Released?

Have you seen the trailer for the new Avatar game?If you enjoyed the original film from 2009, the long-awaited sequels will start coming to theatres from 2022.The as of yet untitled film will see many of the original cast returning, (Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and...
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